PU project on Buddhism in south Punjab approved

LAHORE: Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO has approved the Punjab University’s (PU) project titled ‘Sui Vihar Excavations and Archaeological Reconnaissance of Southern Punjab’, amounting to $26,000 under the participation programme 2010-2011. The project has to be completed by the end of current year. Fieldwork around the unique shrine of Sui-Vihar is likely to throw ample light on the various facets of Buddhism, particularly the Mahayana cult.
The evolution of Buddhist art in the Gandhara Civilisation had its own characteristics, whereas Buddhism, which developed in the south, had its own traditions, architecture and art. It has yet to be ascertained whether it was reproduction of the art from Gandhara or otherwise. It will also help glean the artistic excellence of people of southern Punjab, as the raw material available in this region was either stucco or clay, which is easy to mould and model.Daily time

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