PU VC seeks media help for increase in education budget

LAHORE: Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran stated that the media should use its profound influence to compel political leadership to allocate minimum of 4 percent of GDP for educational promotion. He was speaking at the annual dinner hosted in honour of the families of Lahore Press Club members at the Journalist Housing Society, on Sunday. The Lahore Press Club President Sarmad Bashir also addressed the audience.

Dr kamran said the print and electronic media were playing a pivotal role in moulding opinion of general public and the rulers, therefore, media should continuously highlight the urgent need for allocating requisite funds for the education sector to improve socio-economic conditions of the people. He regretted that not a single government in the past ever realised the vital importance of education for national development and reconstruction.

He said, “The creation and spread of new knowledge is a must if we want to live an honourable and prosperous life in the 21st centaury. Pakistan having a population of 175 million spends a meagre two percent of its GDP of Rs 170 billion on education against five to seven percent by the developed world. Resultantly, Pakistan is ranked amongst the last four countries of the world, including Chad, Ecuador and Equatorial Guinea, which incur lowest expenditure on education.”

While speaking on the occasion, Lahore Press Club President Sarmad Bashir paid tribute to Dr Kamran for successfully setting a new record of producing over 100 PhDs every year for the last three years.

He said that he would never compromise on the welfare of his community. He said during the last two years, together with the governing body members, he had achieved remarkable success, as the entire development work of the journalist colony stood completed.

He said the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had approved a summary for allotment of 295 plots in the newly developed F-block. The forms for their allotment would be distributed amongst the Lahore Press Club members within the next three days and the journalist would be required to attach a draft amounting to Rs 35,000 along with an affidavit and copies of their ID cards.

He said that the 78 kanals earmarked for the park had been enhanced to 90 kanals while a modern community centre containing a school mosque and a Madrassa would also be constructed in the colony.Daily times

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