Students share Eid joys with kids of SOS Village

Rawalpindi: The students of the City School's junior branch in Harley Street showed a lot of enthusiasm in contributing towards charity collection for the less fortunate children of the society on Friday.

In order to gain blessings of Allah, during the month of Ramazan and to share the joys of Eid with children of SOS village Rawalpindi, the student collected food items for them which included juice packs, sweets, cold drinks an biscuits etc. These food items were handed over as the Eid gifts to the representative of the SOS Children Village, Rawalpindi, who were invited to the school for collection of the charity.

Headmistress Samina Raja said that on the occasion of Eid we should also remember our counterparts who are less fortunate and we should try to contribute some on our part to make them happy on Eid. "Through this kind of activity, the school endeavoured to inculcate the sense of sharing and caring in children which will help them in future to become an effective and helpful member of the society," she said.

The students who contributed for the cause were awarded with the appreciation letters by the school management for their encouragement.