Qualifications of teachers ignored during promotions

MIANWALI: The Punjab Government has created unrest among the two cadres of teaches, as it has promoted and placed Secondary School Educators (SSE) and English Teachers (ET) in BS-16 having qualifications of Masters plus B.Edu. or above by ignoring the in-service teachers (EST/SVs) having the same qualifications and decades teaching experience. This discriminate notification has created unrest among the in-service teachers who have diverted all their energies towards perusing their cases from teacher-union forums and individually. The Punjab Government by withdrawing the recruitment powers of Punjab Public Service Commission has notified to regularize all the SSEs employed on contract basis having the qualifications of MA plus B.Edu. or above while the Elementary School Teachers (ESTs) formally called as SVs having the equal qualification and teaching in high schools were altogether ignored and they were still working in BS-14. Many of them have been teaching for the last 15 to 18 years and they were placed under SSE of BS16 and their seniority was also ignored. All the effected teachers were hectically busy in pleading their cases praying to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Minister Punjab and other heads of Education Department to look into their cases. One Bashir Ahmed EST told this scribe that he did his master's and B.Ed some 16 years back and was teaching in a high school for 16 years in BS14 he could not be awarded with BS16 under the new scheme when his juniors including English Teachers were promoted and placed in BS16. He told that he had originated applications to all authorities and the effected teachers and if their genuine demand was not considered they would agitate and demonstrate on roads.
F.P. report


موجودہ حکومت پنجاب اور موجودہ

موجودہ حکومت پنجاب اور موجودہ عدلیہ تاریخ کی بدترین عدلیہ اور حکومت ہے سابق وزیراعلٰی نے وزیراعظم پاکستان بننے کے لیے 12332انگلش ٹیچرز کا استحصال کیااورموجودہ حکومت بھی انہی کابھڑوں اور قوم دشمن عناصر کے ہاتھون مین کھیل رہی ہے۔لاکھونلوءر اور جونءرز کو اپ گریڈ کیالیکن انگش ٹیچرز کو نشانہ بناکر اوراستحصال کرکے سکیل14کی کیڈرسی سکیل09 کےکیڈر مین بدل دیااور اس لاقانقنیت مین عدلیہ حکومت کی ساتھ ہی