Students express solidarity with Kashmiris

Rawalpindi: To express solidarity and unity with the people of Kashmir, the City School, Junior Branch, Harley Street, held a colourful programme here on Thursday.

The students threw light on the history of Kashmir through speeches, while the Kashmir dispute was highlighted through a stage play alongside presenting Kashmiri national songs.

The function was attended by parents and other guests, who appreciated the programme. They were later served with Kashmiri food items at specially set up stalls that offered ‘Kashmiri chai’, ‘shab daig’, ‘Kashmiri rice’, ‘red beans’ and ‘kulchay’.

Another attraction of the event was the ‘Kashmir Art Gallery’ that was set up by the school’s young artists.

Headmistress Samina Raja on the occasion said it is very important to show our concern and solidarity towards our Muslim brethren living in Kashmir. “Our students should be aware of the hardships the Muslim majority is facing there,” she said.The News

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