LCWU workshop on Minutes taking

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Lahore: 02 March: Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) has announced that Faculty Development Centre at LCWU organized a one day workshop titled “Writing Reports and Accurate Minutes of Meetings” for faculty and staff here at IT seminar hall of the University. This workshop was conducted by Shazia Afzal, faculty member of LUMS.
Shazia Afzal stressed on the need of recording information and leaving a paper trail had always been upheld in organizations especially in formal meetings. “ Taking Down Minutes,” in a meeting or in other words recording the proceedings of a meeting has been considered very important in order to make meetings more productive by bringing clarity and sustainability to the decision making process,”
“The “minutes of a meeting,” are legally binding; therefore utmost care has to be executed by employees who are drafting them and they should be specially trained for this job. In spite of the significance attached to the accuracy required for recording key points in a meeting, organizations have ignored the need to train employees to record successfully. This important job has always been left to the secretaries who would type out whatever they understood during a meeting. Although it has to be acknowledged that the secretaries did a fairly good job as far as formatting was concerned; it left a lot to be desired as far as connotative nuances of the proceedings were concerned, she explained.
It is for this purpose that Ms Shazia Afzal, an expert Teacher/Corporate trainer was engaged to train staff, faculty and management of LCWU for handling meetings professionally. Ms Afzal has both theoretical and hands-on experience for training at varying levels. She has been teaching and training graduate and post graduate students /teachers and corporate executives. Her evaluations at Lahore University of Management Sciences and other institutions where she has worked have been above par in terms of her expertise and commitment.
The workshop was conducted at the IT conference room using mini lectures mingled with hands-on exercises and a case study. The workshop ended by drafting minutes of a meeting and the application of what was learnt that day. Faculty members from various departments of university participated in this workshop. They said they found it excellent, some of them were of the view that they resided in a competitive world of knowledge workers, now more attention to detail was vital. “There is need not only to equip the office staff with good communication skills but it is imperative for all of us to have polished study skills. Meetings are an integral part of any organization and so is ‘accurate minute taking.’ Inaccuracies in drafts can leave gaps and inconsistencies which affect the clarity of statements and eventually the decision making process. It is only with awareness and proper training that any organization can expect its employees to handle ‘meetings’ in a professional manner and as a result hope to achieve the desired outcome,” participants were of the view.
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