Punjab University Ammar Jan had not been “fired” from job

LAHORE:19 April: The Punjab University has cleared its stance after it was accused of unjustly firing Dr Ammar Ali Jan from his teaching job, saying the professor was not a contractual or regular employee of the institute. It added that the he was “refrained” from teaching after information was received that he took part in “anti-state and undesirable activities”. In a statement, the Punjab University spokesperson said “PU’s visiting lecturer Ammar Ali Jan was refrained from teaching as the administration received information that he was fanning anti-state, ethnic and extremist ideas after targeting students.” He added that the lecturer also did not join through proper appointment orders. Spokesperson Khurram Shahzad said Ammar Jan had not been “fired” from the job since he was not a regular/contract employee. In the statement, he accused the teacher of pressurising the administration for his regular appointment in the past without participating in the competitive process. “It is the policy of the incumbent administration not to make appointments without advertisement. Since January, no appointment has been made in violation of the prescribed rules”. The statement added that as per the record of social media activities controlled by Dr Ammar Jan and his accomplices, as well as information received from different quarters, it was found that the lecturer was “involved in suspicious study circles and other activities to malign the minds of young students” ATC sends 196 Punjab University students on 14-day judicial remand It added that many students, on the condition of anonymity and some media people, reported to the administration that Ammar Jan was targeting some students and provoking them to participate in activities which could disturb peace and tranquility on campus. The spokesman alleged Dr Jan was not focusing on teaching students, but rather choosing those to whom he could preach his extremist ideas. “He is reportedly making efforts to deepen ethnic divisions”. Over the claims of the professor that he was not paid, the administration said “As per records, Dr Jan was appointed for a period of three months on a contract basis on 22-06-2017, in violation of the rules laid down in the university calendar and any competition for the seat.” It added Dr Jan did not sign his salary bill nor did he send the same to relevant staff. “Since he never signed his salary bill, the university was not able to pay him. Even after completing three months of his contractual appointment, he did not demand a salary,” the statement added. The spokesperson further said that during Dr Ammar’s nine-month stay at the varsity, he never wrote a letter to the PU stating that he was not being paid a salary nor did he make a demand on any forum. He added the professor was paid Rs81,900 for teaching extra classes at the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies. “After the expiry of three month contract, the university offered him another one but Dr Jan did not submit a joining report and defied the terms and conditions of this contractual appointment. Subsequently, as per policy, his appointment order was withdrawn in January 2018,” he added. When contacted, Dr Jan rubbished the claims made by the university administration and said that PU used him for their agenda. The professor said that he had signed the contract and forwarded it to the relevant department, which the administration delayed and continuously told him that it was delayed because of a technical issue and it would be renewed. He asked how it was possible that he had been teaching five courses up till April when his contract expired in January. “The vice chancellor used me for his own agenda and used me against the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT).” He said that Pakhtun and Baloch students were expelled from the university in a similar fashion and even charged with terrorism. “They reinstated them after apologising and will do the same in my case,” he added.Published in The Express Tribune, April 19th, 2018.The news.

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