Prof Dr Naeem Khan appointed as first VC of University of Baltistan

LAHORE:01 June: Punjab University’s Faculty of Life Sciences Dean Prof Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan has been appointed as the first Vice-Chancellor of University of Baltistan. He has been appointed for three years. President of Pakistan in his capacity as Chancellor of University of Baltistan has appointed Dr Naeem as the first VC of the university in exercise of powers conferred by Section 10 (3) of the University of Baltistan Order 2016. Dr Muhammad Naeem Khan is a PhD in Zoology from the University of Guelph, Canada. He has served as Registrar Punjab University on different occasions and also as PU Director External Linkages. He has won numerous international awards including the prestigious Turkish “Mevlana (Rumi) Academic Exchange Programme Award” 2017, four month EU Erasmus Mundus Academic Staff Visiting Professor Fellowship for the University of Crete, Greece (2016); six months EU Erasmus Mundus Post-Doctoral Fellowship for the University of Zagreb, Croatia (2015-16); FAO Global Fisheries Travel Award for Rome, Italy (2015), Norwegian Fisheries Award for Trondheim, Norway (2014); American Fisheries Society Travel Award for Mazatlán, Mexico (2014) and the World Aquaculture Society Travel Award for Adelaide, Australia (2014).The news.

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