PFA teams inspection of 130,000 private and govt schools in Punjab

LAHORE:09 May: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) water safety teams have commenced inspection of 130,000 private and government schools in Punjab to check water filtration plants after ending a deadline given to them for fixing the plants. The teams will complete inspection within two days and submit a report to PFA Director General Noor-ul-Amin Mengal. Following the directions of DG Food, PFA’s watchdogs have launched a special drive. Mengal said the inspection teams will check 70,000 private and 60,000 government schools across the province whereas 12,500 private and 1,248 government schools will be checked in Lahore. He said the PFA had directed the schools to install water filtration plants for clean drinking water. He said PFA will impose a heavy fine on schools in case they failed to obey the instructions of the authority, adding the action will be taken in the light of the inspection’s report after two days. He said when schools charge heavy fees from parents so it is their responsibility to provide students and staff with clean drinking water.The news.

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