Govt urged to complete accountability, reform education

LAHORE:September 3: Jamaat-i-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch has said that the primary objective of the creation of Pakistan was to establish the supremacy of Deen and whoever led the country towards the goal would find a permanent place in the country’s history. Addressing workers convention at Allama Iqbal Town on Sunday, he said that the PTI government was not expected to perform miracles. However, he said, if the government could complete the accountability process, and took steps to bring the education system in line with Islamic ideology, it would be a great achievement. He said that the entire media both official and unofficial, electronic media as well as social media should be legally bound to promote the country’s ideology and also stop character assassination of people which led to anarchy. Liaqat Baloch said the nation would celebrate Defence Day with full zeal and enthusiasm as the day reminded us of the unmatched sacrifices offered by the armed forces and the nation. He said that even today, several enemy forces were active against the country. Kashmiris are facing the oppression of the Indian occupation army while the US-India-Israel trio was a threat to Pakistan’s nuclear facility and its Islamic ideology. He said the nation should rise with new vigour and determination on the Defence Day.The news.

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