Rawalpindi Medical College protest

Rawalpindi:The female students of Rawalpindi Medical College (RMC) took out a protest rally here on Wednesday in favour of their recently-ousted principal and in-charge allied hospitals Professor Dr. Mohammad Mussadiq Khan.

The students, nearly 300 in number, carried placards urging the Punjab government to reinstate Dr. Mussadiq.

They marched from the Rawalpindi Medical College to Liaquat Bagh and staged a demonstration on Benazir Bhutto Road. They raised slogans in favour of the ousted principal who had also been serving as professor of surgery at the RMC.

Dr. Mussadiq has been removed from his post after a secretary-level inquiry conducted into a number of corruption cases came to light at the RMC and allied hospitals during last few months. The protesters blocked traffic on Benazir Bhutto Road for about one hour.

Talking to ‘The News,’ the protesters said that the Punjab government should take its decision back and restore Dr. Mohammad Mussadiq Khan, as he was not involved in any corruption.

“It is only a propaganda against him. Dr. Mussadiq was performing his duty responsibly,” the protesters said and added that no one could prove these allegations against him.

On the occasion, the protesters announced complete boycott of their classes in till the restoration of Dr. Mussadiq. They said that they would stage protests daily outside the Rawalpindi Medical College till his reinstatement by the provincial government.The news


well I am a fresh graduate of RMC and I know Dr Mussadiq Khan in person.He was really a man of principles.As a principal,he was very much responsible for his duties and working for the benefits of RMC n the allied hospitals.If anyone asks me about his favors,i will say about NEW CAMPUS of RMC,Cardiology Centre For poor people of our country who cannot afford such expensive treatments,NEW RMC GIRLS HOSTEL,accomodation was a very long lasting trouble.there are just a major contributions,in college he used to look into tiny matters of students and get these solved.I request media and people not to loose anyther bright person,please.Already our land is short of people like HIM.Let the people know about so many good aspects of HIM.
Dr.Anjum Naz

i Think He must have helped you several times thats why you are supporting this corrupt person. please be honest with RMC and Pakistan.

Corruption is part of our society
I am proud that I am using a corrupt man defense
Whoever thinks about Pakistan
That man's life is left far behind in the race.

this young guy does not him . He charges lakhs for surgery , no poor man can afford surgery from dr mussadiq.He perfoms surgeries at shifa international hospital at day times , whereas he is supposed to be at RMC during day time.Mostly he takes surgeons from his deptt at HFH to assist him.The poor subordinates cannot utter a single word but to assist him at shifa international.This may be confrmed from shifa internationa if one is in doubt.
I remember one hospital employee took, a poor relative for arterio venous shunt for dialysis to him.He said OK i can do it but come to bilal hospital repeated requests were done by him but he refused to do surgery at HFH.This employee is at HFH pharmacy.
He is a best friend of Dr Amjad Pomi , dr shehzad ,dr masood parvaiz.Dr amjad pomi was recently found involved in bribery case of a high court judge.He appointed a clerk named Tariq Brigadier incharge of finance matters and it was through this gang he was embazling RMC funds.
Recently it was found that a fake house job certificate was issued to his son bilal muhammad khan who never went to hospital for single day but got house job certificate.

He was most probably a reasonable person when he started job. But gradually corruption takes over in Pakistani Society. People from abroad warned him many times about his image problem due to his actions . The corruption cases will have decision accordingly depending upon the evidence available. Punjab Govt is doing its duty to investigate allegations of very severe nature. Rather he had very good relation with Punjab Govt.
New Principle Dr Farooqi is really a man of principle and we strongly believe that he is going really take RMC forward into a new era so students should not worry at all.

This review is a from a doctor who has worked in past with both personalities.

He is a very corrupt person and not loyal with the RMC and pakistan. Money is evrything for such a person if not then ask him why he left his own hospital and went to shifa international for very expensive surgeories? he should be presented against the court of law and must be punish

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