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Lahore:November 26:THE Punjab Textbook Board is working day in and day out to prepare syllabus books for Grade I up to Grade 12 for the educational year 2018-2019. A spokesman in a press release on Friday said the board had met with its last year’s target by providing syllabus books at the given time. He said preparation and publishing of those books, which would be provided to government’s schools from class I to class 10 according to CM Punjab’s Educational Reform Programme is in process as a number of teams had been given this task. He further said that publishing books for private institutions is also in process.The news.



Surely the text books need serious revision.I am glad that the CM Punjab's Educational Reform Programme is looking into the matter. Being a parent of a class 9th student and an engineer(Masters Degree holder) myself, I would like to bring to the notice certain aspects related to CHEMISTRY book for class 9 and 10.
- I challenge anyone to make me understand the concept of Mole and atomic mass unit that has been included in Chapter 1. Yes chapter 1. Any sane person can realize that you cannot / should not include any such concepts in definitions that have not been described earlier to students. Just imagine that chapter 1 contains concepts of ISOTOPEs and ALLOTROPEs that subsequently have been defined in later chapters. There are numerous such mistakes that need immediate attention.
- Just because the textbook board may have some limitation of not copying verbatum from foreign books or other sources, the definitions and explanations have been so complicated that students can at best remember them word by word without understanding.
- The most basic definition of MOLE " Molecular / atomic weight expressed in grams " has been deliberately avoided! i dont know why? The next best definition " Mole of any substance contains Avagadro's number of particles" is also strangely MISSING. So you can imagine what other word play must have been utilized to explain the concept of MOLE.
These are just few observations about CHAPTER 1.I think I can list sown more observations than the complete contents of the Chemistry book.
I have been trying my best to locate the website of PUNJAB TEXT BOOK BOARD or for CM's Educational Reform Programme but to no avail. Please, please please if someone know about it, do post it here.
Lastly, I wonder if there is any forum where PARENTS voice can be heard regarding improvements required in the text books / syllabus?

dear sir

assalam o alaikum

im deeply impressed by the positive role of Punjab text book board . it is producing quality level books after doing healthy competition . being English language teacher ,language expert and teacher trainer ,I really endorse the new printed English language books of class I,II ,VI and Class 9th , other are in progress. new English books carry most relevant skills based exercises and most importantly grammar has been in in the exercises and grammar as a separate part of teaching discouraged. teaching of grammar is made part of English books.

similarly i suggest paper pattern must be in accordance with that language technique rather in the form of Paper A and Paper B separately


Khalid Mahmood Kayani
principal/teacher/teacher trainer
M.Phil (education)

the new syllabus is impressive but being a student of linguistics if i talk about English in which much important part of linguistics is added it is new for teachers who are not studied linguistics they are not able to understand it, there must be training sessions for teachers so that they could teach the students easily.


Sana Ghaffar

according to the new scheme of Govt, mostly books are being revised from 6th to10th class. english book for class 9th is really very impressive and linguistic. i want to know about the changes which are being made in englsi 10th class. if the format of new book is dispalyed in time it will be better for teachers as well as for students.
hafiz nisar ahmad.

Syllabus of 9th class has changed. They have chnged the books of english and urdu. They did not include the lessons of Hazrat Umer Farooq, Hazrat Ali, Hazrat Fatima (Razi Allahoanhum) and other lessons related to ISLAM have deleted from new course. Please do somthing against all boards and other authorities.


Please do somthing about this issue because this is related to our new generation. who should know about these personalities because they are our role modles. please show this issue to all other networks and sites.

Please do somthing about this issue because this is related to our new generation. who should know about these personalities because they are our role modles. please show this issue to all other networks and sites.

hi asslam o alikum sir please i wana i.com notes of all subjects soon argently ....today date 7-6-2013 hmm... so i wana soon plzz


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