NCA students display artworks at Royaat Art Gallery

LAHORE:13 september: The 2019 NCA Masters of Visual Arts batch presents the first body of works that comes from its own studios, at Royaat Art Gallery, which is being displayed on Friday (today). Produced in solitude and post the comfort of graduate school, the worlds they have created and honed over years of education now exist as mature works of art speaking to their mastery of skill and intent. Founded in 2001 by Ms Faryal Haris, Royaat Gallery was one of the first art institutions in Pakistan to promote the practice of collecting art as well as providing a pivotal space for artists to showcase their works. Ms Haris, an avid art collector with immense aesthetic sensibilities and director of the gallery, aims to facilitate conversations among young artists and Pakistani masters, artists and buyers, as well as among national and international audiences to explore and showcase Pakistan’s significant creative possibilities.The news.

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