Gujrat University Dr Tahir Aqila Warm Welcome At H H Campus

Gujrat:“America’s more than 50 States are integrated into USA, by the power of the media and the Highways. Media has achieved power everywhere. In Pakistan also Media has achieved the status of power and is shaping events with this power. That is why it has also become controversial. But I am of the view that media shall sustain its high status only if it keeps close to facts and realities. The people of Gujrat have been extolled as intelligent, creative and artistic. That is why Sir Syed Ahmed Khan called Gujrat –the Greece of Punjab. I have not come to lecture you but to interact with you, so I would love to answer your questions.” These views were expressed by well known anchor person of Geo TV channel.
Registrar University of Gujrat, Dr Tahir Aqil in his Closing Address referred to the message of the Vice Chancellor Professor Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, who happens to be on a visit to Turkey; for extending warm welcome to Mr Waraich. Dr Tahir Aqil on his own behalf, on behalf of the VC and also on behalf of Faculty members and students gave Mr Waraich and his retinue of Media professionals; a hearty, warm welcome. He thanked Mr Waraich for his very valuable interaction and appreciated his professional skill and competence. He said that he enjoyed some of his comments and observations. He encouraged the students in the art of extracting knowledge from media icons like him; to learn the skills and art of journalism, Media presentations, & other tactics and techniques of the trade. He at the end of his speech thanked the Chief Guest and his team for their visit to UOG.
Dr Arshad Ali in his welcome address briefly introduced the anchor person Sohail Waraich and some other journalists accompanying him like Majid Siddiqi. He gave them all a very warm welcome. Sheikh Abdul Rasheed Director Media and Publications acted as the stage secretary and gave detailed Curriculum Vitae of the chief guest. He hails from a family of Lakhanwal, Gujrat but was born at Jauharabad. He received his schooling at Sahiwal. He completed his FSc at Sargodha and his Masters in English at FC College Lahore. He remained attached to the daily Jaang, the Frontier Post, The News and the Nation. Presently he is attached with the Geo TV and conducts one of the very popular programs, “Aik din Geo ke sath.” He is author of 4 very scholarly books.
In his interactive session, students and teachers asked multifarious questions. As to his assertion of Truth, Professor Humayun Ghauri asked him his concept of truth since it was an abstract concept; it was semiotic in nature and related to particular positions. At this he replied that he believed in historical truth. On a question of much violence being shown on TV, he replied that Geo follows the Ethical Code set by PBA and desisted from showing bloody dead bodies and avoided other unethical practices. On a question of Attia Dar, he replied that Waziristan was a prohibited area for the journalists. !4 journalists have been killed there. It is virtually a state within a state and is under the suzerainty of the anti-state forces. As for successful Army action in Swat; journalists and Media, in his view, have played a key role in obtaining this victory against anti-state forces. As for the charge of betraying National interests he replied that National interests keep on changing. So speaking against National interests does not tantamount to treason but is, democratically speaking ,only an expression of opinion which may not agree with the government. As for Pakistan –India dialogue, he supported the govt. policy. On a question of Ms Sobia a teacher, he replied that he has regret for not being able to interview President Clinton. To her other question he replied,” I feel that had there not been the first Martial-Law of 1858, the entire history of our country would have been different.” As for the role of black money and corruption in the Media, he conceded the presence of some black sheep but all the same, he condemned them. In an answer to another question he replied that bursting of President Zardari into tears, in one of his interviews on asking a question on Benazeer Bhutto is expressive of his great achievement of his skill, in the art of interviewing. As for his “Aik din geo ke sath” interviewing actresses, he replied that most of the viewers of his program were above forty years of age, but interviews with actresses have brought the young viewers in his fold. Bilal Razzaq appreciated his interview of Professor Dr Mohammad Nizamuddin, Vice Chancellor UOG in “Aik din geo ke sath”; which has brought UOG in the limelight in the Media."
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