GC University Stages Bano Qudsia’s Mukhtarnama

Lahore:06 April: The Government College Dramatics Club (GCDC) staged Bano Qudsia’s Mukhtar Nama as part of the college’s 150th anniversary celebrations. This was GCDC’s second performance; the final one would be staged on Sunday (today).
Government College University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Muhammad Khaleequr Rehman said the dramatics club had turned 124 years old this year, adding the university decided to stage an Old Ravian’s work on the occasion.
Mukhtar Nama was divided into three acts about a family led by retired bureaucrat Riaz Bakhtiar (Omer Dar), who thinks he can run the country as efficiently as he runs his family. Dar manages to capture the audience’s attention through his witty exchanges with a packer played by Hafiz Habib and the family driver Bashir played by GCDC President Zohaib Zafar.
Other characters included Riaz’s spouse Gul (Mariam Naqvi); their daughter Fareeda (Rida Sheikh), and her brother Haroon (Umar Ijaz). The second act opened with the arrival of Niaz Rasool (Abdullah Hashmi), Riaz’s cousin who has come to help the family pack. The third act featured a face-off between Riaz and Rasool resembling the strife between leaders contending for power in society.
Mukhtar Nama was written by Bano Qudsia during martial law. It emphasises the necessity of democracy, but stresses the dearth of democratic values here.
The set depicted a traditional household. The surprising element was faculty member Fatima Batool’s decision to create a retro look by dressing the characters in 70s fashion.
The play was directed by Dr Muhammad Salman Bhatti, Sameer Ahmed and Dr Atif Yaqub. The production team was headed by Fatima Batool and Yousra Anwer. Lighting was managed by Hammad Safee Sohail. The music was handled by Muzamil Shabbir, Ali Afzal and Zukhruf Shaukat.The news.

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