GC University Flower Exhibition & Plantation Campaign

Faisalabad:RAW week that our country we should do exactly that kind of smell. I put the tree we pass pass green revolution in the country since it will be Eve. The views expressed professor of GC University Vice Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain went into a tree With da Po in the campaign of the Research Department of the APC molecule under air mntl Sciences organized a flower-like MEASUREMENT flower-like forms in the base which will keep dwelling. MEASUREMENT leader in this sector morale lyat mother Stock Liz Forty students were found or been decorated in various blind g. Opening prayers and the dwelling shall be the Vice-Chancellor Dr Zakir Hussain Current steamed eel culture we leave the world of touch krays MS e and trying to stay close to nature and Ni must. He does not use computers, but our research is the need of today's generation and engagement of young leaders such ysun were also arranged by the mother wanted, better effects and die, even the Current Families have the choice. He said the mother wanted, ysyn positive influence in the peninsula. Dwelling in the Peninsula Schools Colleges Universities throughout the region participated. Take it from Eve, Farhat Abbas department chairman, said such events we bestow happiness, he said the one-day seminar three subcun With Our being together and organize like the dwelling. Current view this qay tadar the leader of a multi-dwelling appreciated. With this being the Director of Research and Chairman of the Department of Sciences anua yrmntl Farhat Abbas said that this time the start of World Water Day and the spring season, we planted a thousand campus of believers being and God willing we Keep up the tree because the process of being re-Pak through the delivery of oxygen is available to those living in the land and the trees began with the major duty of'll be able to RAW Po. With that being said, may keep their traditions alive Research will be a series of events.
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