Father of ‘tortured’ student seeks justice

LAHORE:11 September: Father of a torture victim has expressed his dissatisfaction over the autopsy report and demanded the government to provide him justice. Hunain, 16, was allegedly tortured to death by his teacher at school. His father accusing removal of torture marks on his son’s body during the autopsy has demanded the government to provide him justice. Holding a presser at late night Hunain’s father hurled the accusation that doctors in collusion with the school administration had manipulated an initial autopsy report. He said that clear sign of torture and bruise at his head were not indicated in the report adding that doctors wanted to declare accused Kamran innocent. Muhammad Bilal said if the government can’t provide him justice it should bury him along with his son while he warned that he would stage a sit-in if denied justice. It is pertinent to mention here that Hunain of a private school in Gulshan-e-Ravi died after tortured by his teacher while his family said he had fallen unconscious after tortured by the school teacher but the school administration didn’t took him to hospital.The news.

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