The City School honours its high achievers in A level exams

LAHORE:12 August: The City School Friday held a ceremony at its Shalamar Campus to honour its high achievers in A level exams. More than 90 students of The City School had got more than 90 percent marks in the A level exams. The ceremony was attended by students, teachers and The City School Regional Manager Irum Yousuf. Speaking on the occasion, Areej Rashid, a student who got 7 A*s and 1 A, said that she wanted to make her parents proud and happy. "For this purpose I worked hard and now my dream has come true," she added. "Besides, efforts of my parents as well teachers were the real reason behind my achievement." Another student Muhammad Bin Awais said, "Good grades matter but good concept also matters." He, too, gave credit to his parents and teachers for his outstanding performance. "I used WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and other social media tools for learning and preparation for exams," he said. Ayesha Latif said that her parents' untiring efforts raised her morale. "I want them to feel proud just because of me," she added. Saad said that he used to get coaching from tuition centres, besides the school, which helped him get good grades. "My teachers used to say me that I can achieve whatever I want." The City School Regional Director Irum Yousuf advised students to come back to Pakistan after studying abroad and serve the country. She appreciated efforts of schoolteachers and heads and asked them to organise ceremonies to honour their high achievers. Published in Daily Times, August 12th 2017.

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