Call to include Punjabi in syllabus

LAHORE :12 January:12 January: A large number of people Saturday staged a rally for the inclusion of the Punjabi language as a subject in Punjab’s educational institutions. The rally started at Madhu Lal Hussain’s shrine and ended outside the Lahore Press Club. The participants in the rally carried placards and banners, inscribed with demands to make Punjabi as a compulsory subject from primary to graduation level. The rally was attended by rights activists, students, teachers and people from different walks of life. Ammar Shah Punjabi, chairman of Punjab National Movement, led the rally. He said the Article 251 of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan binds the provinces to adopt necessary measures for the promotion, teaching and usage of regional languages. He said mother language plays a vital role in basic education as it provides better understanding and learning to children. The government of Punjab should ensure the provision of fundamental rights of education to children in mother language, he added. He demanded the government to implement the decision superior judiciary that children be taught in their mother language. The government has always shown regrettable negligence for the promotion of the Punjabi language and culture. There is a dire need of establishing a Punjabi University in Lahore to promote the Punjabi language in the province. The government should provide more facilities and financial aid to Punjabi writers, he added. The participants also chanted slogans and danced on the occasion. They reiterated that they would continue to strive for the objective until they were achieved.The news.

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