Art show at Punjab University’s College of Art and Design

LAHORE:May 5: Punjab University’s College of Art and Design opened a group show ‘Canvas & Colleagues’ with a public reception in the college. This exclusive exhibition features the works of faculty members of past and present times and traces the journey of art and artists from 1940’s till today. The displayed work has been grouped in to three sections; early years (1940-1960), formative era (1960-1980) and the contemporary trends (1980-Today). The artwork of over fifty individuals has been presented and includes diverse disciplines of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, graphic design, photography, textile designs, miniature, mixed media and video arts. The display will provide a platform to the visitors and student to see their mentors outside their traditional classroom or studio setting, while the accompanying catalogue will serve as a great source of knowing the role of fine arts department in Pakistani art history in traditional and contemporary both context. The project was organised by Dr Naela Amir, Head of Fine Arts Department with the support of College of Art & Design Principal Prof Dr Shahida Manzoor.The news.

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