Afridi asked to resolve visa issues for foreign students

Lahore:01 April:During his visit to Jamia Binoria International on Saturday, Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi was asked by the seminary’s principal Mufti Muhammad Naeem to lift the ban on foreign students willing to study at Pakistani madrasas and to ease the visa process for them. Afridi, along with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s local parliamentarians Ataullah Advocate and Malik Shahzad Awan, visited the seminary and met Naeem as well as the senior faculty members and students of the madrasa. Naeem informed Afridi that the seminary is an international institute where students from 50 countries are getting religious education, and that the total strength of students at the madrasa and its branches is about 10,000. “Religious seminaries, including Jamia Binoria, impart religious as well as modern education only to seek the pleasure of Allah. In addition to religious courses, students are also imparted knowledge of information technology and various languages.” The seminary principal particularly raised the issue of visa for foreign students with the state minister. “Because of the restriction on visa for foreign students willing to study in Pakistani madrasas, now India is giving them visa on arrival at its airports,” claimed Naeem. But he admitted that the current government has lessened the restrictions on visa issuance for foreign students. “The government should trust madrasas that are of good repute and issue them visas.” Afridi said that his government will try to resolve the issues of visa for foreign students. He also said that it is unfortunate that madrasas are not given their due respect. “It is our responsibility to give respect to worship places and schools of all faiths — whether they are mosques or madrasas, churches or temples. In our government, madrasas will get equal respect similar to universities and colleges,” he said. He also appreciated the performance of the Sindh Rangers, saying that the paramilitary force had played an important role for the restoration of peace in Karachi. A peaceful environment in the city has paved the way for the holding of the Pakistan Super League in the city, he added. The minister said that the government will not compromise on the peace of Karachi and would not allow anyone to dictate decisions from abroad. He also criticised Pakistan Peoples Party chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari for alleged bad governance and corruption.The news.

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